Ethical Boxer Dog Rescue Organizations

Almost every state has a boxer rescue organization.  However, not all rescues are as ethical (even though they are well meaning) as they should be.

What is an ethical rescue? Ethical, responsible rescues don’t cut corners. Some characteristics of an ethical rescue organization are:

  • Screens applicants rigorously in order to find the most suitable home for each dog.
  • Completes a veterinary protocol before placement, to include spay/neuter.
  • Performs a home visit to ensure that each dog is going to a safe, stable home.
  • Willingly takes the dog back if the placement does not work out.
  • Temperament tests each dog to make sure the dog is sound.

Why choose a rescue group?

Spayed and Neutered

Responsible dog owners know that their dog should be fixed.  This prevents or reduces  many annoying habits: urine marking, reduces cancer risks, dogs live longer, and reduces the number of unwanted pets.


Every boxer has their own personality, likes and dislikes.  Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a nice thing to do, but you won’t have any idea of how they’ll act.  Ethical dog rescues foster their boxers in homes where the dog can be evaluated and trained.  


Vaccinating your dog and having a vet checkup is critical.  The rescues we’ve listed all state that they take their boxers to the vet, get them their shots, and make sure they aren’t sick. If they are, then the dog is treated before being adopted.

Home visits

We don’t want just anyone to adopt a boxer, we want get to know the family and ensure the home is safe.  Boxers are sensitive to cold and heat and should not be kept outside (No dog should be kept outside).  Boxers are family dogs, they think their people and want to give and receive love.


When it’s time for you to pick a dog, you may be told no that is not a good match for you.  Maybe you have little kids, and the rescue knows the dog doesn’t do well with children.  Don’t worry, there are many others to choose from and the volunteers will help you find your perfect boxer dog match.