Where to find your next Boxer Dog

There are 31 states with reputable non-profit Boxer dog rescue groups. These non-profits are run by volunteers who love Boxers: they take in strays, shelter, and surrendered dogs. The boxers are checked and treated for health issues. They are brought current on their vaccinations, are microchipped and are spayed or neutered.

The dogs are fostered so that the rescue can learn its temperament and ensure a good match is made for their adoption.

Arizona: Boxer Luv Rescue
California: Boxer Rescue L.A.
Colorado: HO-BO Care Boxer Rescue
Connecticut: Second Chance Boxer
Connecticut: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Delaware: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Florida: B.A.R.C
Georgia: B.A.R.C
Georgia: Atlanta Boxer Rescue
Iowa: Northern Plains Boxer Rescue
Kentucky: Central Kentucky Boxer Rescue
Louisiana: Louisana Boxer Rescue
Maine: Second Chance Boxer
Maryland: VA Boxer Rescue
Maryland: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Massachusetts: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Massachusetts: Second Chance Boxer
Michigan: Boxer Haven Rescue

Is your state not here?  Do You know of a Boxer Rescue I didn’t list?   Well then, email me at fureverboxer@gmail.com

New Hampshire: Second Chance Boxer
North Carolina: Carolina Boxer Rescue
North Carolina: Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue
Pennsylvania: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
Rhode Island: Second Chance Boxer
Rhode Island: Adopt a Boxer Rescue
South Carolina: Carolina Boxer Rescue
South Carolina: Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue
Northern Virginia: Lone Star Boxer Rescue
Virginia: VA Boxer Rescue
Washington D.C.: Va Boxer Rescue
Washington D.C.: Adopt a Boxer Rescue