Is your foster dog reactive?

Foster Fred barks and growls when he sees people while we are walking.  There’s about a twenty foot radius that we are safe in.  I didn’t know what to do, so I asked my fellow foster peeps that volunteer for Boxer Luv Rescue. I’m anti Cesar Milan “the dog yeller and abuser, pig hater”  ( […]

Indolent Corneal Ulcers

Chata has developed an Ulcer in her right eye and we are saving up to do a procedure known as a Keratectomy. It is roughly $1500 dollars, but luckily we have insurance through Nationwide for all three of our boxers. We choose the Whole Pet with wellness plan because it has the highest reimbursement rate […]

Boxers need pet insurance

If you are like me, then you don’t have a couple thousand dollars stashed aside for an emergency for your beloved boxer. Not having pet insurance cost me $5000. Thank goodness we had wonderful friends that lent us the money. We finally were able to pay back over two years…and yes it caused a little […]

Help your dog eat slowly for free

Does your dog eat too fast?  Mine do. I have two boxers that eat their food in under a minute.  What is a boxer dad to do?  Youtube.  That’s what. This is Charlie the Pit Bull showing us his eating prowess.  After adding the secret ingredient he takes twice as long.  My guys took three […]

Must love Boxers

My first little girl was found in the newspaper.  The family was a Navy couple who had a breeding pair of Boxers.  They told us they bred them every other year and this was their last litter.  They were beautiful parents and the two pups were of course adorable.  My wife wanted the one girl, […]